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Informing Key Stakeholders

Advocacy in support of a project, cause or policy

Whether instituting a public relations campaign or meeting one-on-one with elected officials, OLI approaches advocacy strategically and methodically. We are adept at coalition building to bring together a wide range of voices with a shared goal. Working in tandem with our constituents, we develop messaging that resonates. We identify the appropriate vehicles and platforms on which to communicate, whether it be direct to the media, in person with elected officials, or via traditional media, social media, or virtual platforms. 


  • Strategic planning

  • Meet with and inform state legislators, congressional delegations, municipal bodies

  • Volunteer campaigns

  • Fundraising and capital campaigns

  • Letter writing campaigns

  • Network development

  • Communications campaigns

  • Public Relations campaigns

  • Creating solutions

  • Philanthropy

  • Coalition Management

  • Issue management

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