Engineering, MRO, and Manufacturing Executive Joins OLI Global for Executive Placement

Brian P. Olsen, former President, Component and Engineering Solutions at Aviation Technical Services (ATS), has engaged OLI GLOBAL™, a division of Washington-based OLI Communications, for executive placement services. Olsen has more than 35 years of leadership experience across an array of industries. Before joining ATS, he was the Platform President of Engineered Materials at Esterline, and President of Engineering Services at LMI Aerospace. Olsen is seeking a permanent position where he can help drive corporate goals and increase revenues.


During his tenure at ATS, Olsen instituted business practices and a unique situational business approach to address complex impacts from two historic economic pulls on the organization—the Covid pandemic and the MAX grounding—resulting in combining four previously separate facilities into one; thereby reducing overhead and increasing operational budgets.


Olsen’s distinguished career crosses several aerospace sectors and numerous focal points including aircraft maintenance management, business strategy, business process improvement, commercial aviation, contract negotiation, business development, financial modeling and analysis, Lean Manufacturing, process improvement, Six Sigma, and project planning.

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OLI Receives Platinum & Gold from MarCom Awards

MarCom Awards

December, 2021

OLI Communications has received two Platinum Awards and one Gold Award, as well as an Honorable Mention, in the Global Marketing Communications (MarCom) Awards. The awards are for the OLI website (olicomms.com), the Altek website (altek-inc.com), Altek Brand Refresh, and Altek video series, respectively.

The annual MarCom Awards are judged internationally by experts in marketing communications, branding, digital media, and more.

2021 Awardees were chosen out of more than 6000 entrants across 61 countries.

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Space-themed park planned for Kent builds on regional industry ties

King5 News     May 26, 2021

By Glenn Farley, Reporter

"We have about half of all the state’s space employment," said City of Kent Chief Economic Development Officer Bill Ellis. He said the last study the city has on space employment places 5,500 jobs just within Kent city limits, out of more than 11,000 direct space jobs in Washington state.

The City of Kent is planning to build a playground for kids starting in early 2022, and who knows what that could inspire.


Kent Space Park Rendering2.jpg
Space-themed park planned for Kent builds on regional industry ties

Puget Sound Business Journal


By Andrew McIntosh, Reporter


An effort is underway to raise $1.25 million to develop a space-themed children's park in downtown Kent, led by the city, the Kent Downtown Partnership and aerospace advisory firm Oli Communications.

The park would provide toys and activities related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects. 



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Behind the Video | Altek Video Production

We were on site at Altek shooting for five videos for this manufacturer of high quality aerospace, medical, technology, space, and defense custom machined parts, custom injection molded parts, In Mold Electronics, painting and assembly. Here is some of our "behind the scenes" footage during the shoot. What can we say? We geek out over this stuff. And, we were met geek-out for geek-out from the Altek team, who partnered with us every step of the way. Watch for the first of the videos soon!


Yosuke Takigawa Headshot.jpg
OLI Global Expands Reach to Japan | Former Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Executive Joins Team

OLI Global, a division of OLI Communications, today announced the addition of former Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (MITAC) executive, Yosuke Takigawa, to its ranks. Takigawa will provide advisory and consultancy to aerospace companies in regional commercial airplane sales, international aerospace business management and collaboration management, and Japanese government business approaches.


Un officier général retraité de l'armée de l'air rejoint OLI GLOBAL

À gauche: Lee K.Levy, II, major général de l'armée de l'air à la retraite

Le général de division à la retraite de la Force aérienne, Lee K. Levy, II, a rejoint OLI GLOBAL ™, une division de OLI Communications, basée à Washington. Levy apporte plus de 34 ans de service militaire distingué ainsi qu'une expérience de leadership mondial inégalée dans la politique de sécurité nationale et internationale, l'acquisition, le maintien en puissance, la logistique, les chaînes d'approvisionnement mondiales, la fabrication de pointe, le génie civil, la planification stratégique, les armes et munitions nucléaires et l'armée opérations.


Fariba Alamdari.png
Opinion: Diversity is an asset when managing a large team

Puget Sound Business Journal

By Dr. Fariba Alamdari, OLI Global


Dr. Alamdari addresses the value of embracing diversity when leading a large team.


Boeing Centennial Celebration Alaska Air
A Love of Aerospace

OLI Founders Highlighted in Northwest Aerospace News Magazine

By Maddie te Winkel


When Kelly Maloney was a 20-something back in the 90s, she had a love of shoulder pads, big hair, and broadcast journalism—only one of which is still around today. And although the news is still very much “in fashion,” she didn’t end up the journalist she had dreamed of being. Instead, she took her love of communications to the marketing sector, an area where she could see the impact effective communication has on business. This prompted a lifelong career in branding and marketing, leading to her current role as owner and CEO of OLI Communications (pronounced aa·lee), a strategic marketing, branding, and operations firm based in Washington state.


Retired Air Force General Officer Joins OLI GLOBAL

Left: Lee K. Levy,, II, retired Air Force Major General

Retired Air Force Major General, Lee K. Levy, II, has joined OLI GLOBAL™, a division of Washington-based OLI Communications. Levy brings more than 34 years of distinguished military service as well as unparalleled global leadership experience in national and international security policy, acquisition, sustainment, logistics, global supply chains, advanced manufacturing, civil engineering, strategic planning, nuclear weapons and munitions, and military operations. 


OLI GLOBAL étend ses services et annonce
Partenaires exécutifs

À gauche: Tim Morgan, fondateur et ancien président de TTF Aerospace rejoint OLI Global

OLI GLOBAL ™, une division d'OLI Communications basée à Washington, annonce l'ajout des dirigeants Tim Morgan et Tamas Havar à leur division de conseil en pleine croissance. Morgan et Havar offrent une vaste gamme de services tels que des feuilles de route d'innovation, le développement de produits et la stratégie, l'ingénierie et la conception, les processus de production et l'intégration de technologies de rupture, y compris les composites avancés.



Par Andrew McIntosh - Rédacteur, Puget Sound Business Journal

20 nov.2020 à 18h24 EST

L'ancienne PDG de l'Aerospace Futures Alliance, Kelly Maloney, a lancé une nouvelle entreprise offrant des services de communication, des affaires gouvernementales et des consultations stratégiques plus approfondies avec des dirigeants qui ont aidé à diriger de grandes entreprises aérospatiales.


Steve Haro Head Shot.jpg

À gauche: Steve Haro, ancien directeur du marketing et vice-président du marketing mondial et de la stratégie de Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation est membre d'OLI GLOBAL.

OLI. Communications lance de nouveaux services, OLI GLOBAL, pour aider l'industrie aérospatiale et ses activités pendant la crise économique. OLI Global rassemble une équipe d'anciens dirigeants de Boeing et de Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation qui ont travaillé sur la stratégie, le marketing et l'image de marque, la recherche et le développement, l'ingénierie, la diversité des employés et la formation, ainsi que la production, la maintenance, la gestion des fournisseurs, les ventes et le développement commercial.


Altek TM Logo Twitter Profile Pic.png

PHASE 1 Initiative de rebranding pour Altek, Inc.

OLI a travaillé en tandem avec l'équipe de direction d'Altek — écoutant leurs points de vue; connaître leurs perceptions, leurs objectifs, leur mission et leur culture interne très appréciée; acquérir des connaissances grâce à des études commandées; et entendre combien Altek appréciait ses employés et ses clients. Alors qu'OLI continuait à s'engager avec l'équipe Altek, la vision de la nouvelle image de marque a commencé à se concrétiser.


Logo Favicon 128X128 300dpi.png

La société OLI et le premier communiqué de presse de lancement du client

17 août 2020